First aid is a skill that everyone should learn. Having someone who knows first aid around while your health is compromised or during an accident can save your life. Some people successfully complete a course and get certified in first aid, and others administer it even without a course and certificate. A parent cleans and bandages the wound when the child falls down, even though she does not have a first aid certificate. There there are certain basic concepts regarding first aid that are common knowledge to everyone.

In today's world when accidents are ever so common, it is advisable to take a certified first aid course. First aid courses are offered by local hospitals and health centers and are also available on the internet. The courses offered by the local centers are classroom-based classes and require full-time attendance. However, these days, internet-based classes are more popular as they are convenient and time saving.

Three top ways by which first aid can save your life are as follows:

• First aid provides immediate treatment: Similar to every other medical treatment, first aid aims to save your life. It is impossible for a doctor or paramamedic to be present at every accident scene. When an accident, heart attack or any other emergency medical condition occurs, the treatment provided immediately at the scene often decides whether the person lives or dies. For example, the primary need for a human is to breathe. Fainting, choking, seizures, unconsciousness and heart attacks obstruction a person's breathing. If you're choking, the first aid provided you would be to clear your airways by removing the object that caused the choking. If this fails to restore normal breathing, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) along with gentle chest massage will be given to you. Therefore first aid is very important is the preservation of your health.

• First aid stops further damage: After providing the initial treatment, first aid can save your life by preventing the worsening of the wound or injury. When you are injured or wounded, you are in danger of losing your life. First aid brings you out of that danger zone. First aid understands simple techniques like moving a person away from the scene. In other cases, it could have been pressing a clean cloth to a bleeding wound that stops the bleeding. In case of fire victims, wrapping them in a blanket will prevent the burns from worsening.

• First aid supports the healing process: The third way that first aid can save your life is by promoting healing. For example, cleaning the wound and bandaging it can be one of the first steps of the healing process. People who have learned first aid are skilled in handling different emergency situations, varying from small wounds to fractures to massive heart attacks.

Most of you have either been victims of accidents in the past or will experience accidents sometime in the future. You may also have a close friend or family member who may be a victim. Either way, it is necessary for you to learn first aid. First aid preserves your life and your health until professional medical help can arrive.