Fame is associated with greatness; therefore, if you are looking for the best healthcare, you should go for the most famous hospitals. India is known for its high-quality and affordable health care so many people tend to visit it. If you are looking for healthcare in India, here are some of the most famous hospitals in Delhi, which is considered as the medical capital in the country:

Kalra hospital

This is a state of the art facility that prides itself for its great care, concern, and compassion for anyone admitted in it. It's popular because it's big and is well equipped. The hospital is popular for its cardiac care where it's one of the best hospitals in Delhi in providing care for people suffering from heart conditions. While it often has very many patients, the hospital has one of the best radiology department in the country. This makes it possible for it to provide the best treatment in the area.

Moolchand hospital

The facility has over 300 beds in over 50 specialties that it deals in. To provide the services, the hospital has over 250 doctors. The hospital takes pride in the many state of the art medical equipment it has. It has key imaging and lab services that aid in the provision of the diagnostic services. The cool thing is that the diagnostic equipment is accredited by the leading accreditation body in India.

In addition to diagnosis services, the facility also offers a number of surgeries using the non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques. This not only reduces the cost of operation, but it also quickens the healing process.

National Heart Institute

Although, the hospital is small, it's very popular. The popularity is fueled by the quality of services it provides and the quality of medical equipment available. The facility has over 80 beds and 42 doctors. It also has high-quality and modern X-ray machines, theater, laboratory, CT scan, magnetic resonance imaging machines and many other machines.

The national heart institute is known for its impressive success in adult and pediatric cardiac surgeries. The doctors use the minimally invasive technology that not only ensures that the process is safe and precise, it also ensures that the patients heal fast.

Sir Ganga Ram hospital

This facility is known for its optimally functioning theaters, modern labs, and intensive care units. The hospital also has a high-end state of the art MRI machine which is the first of its kind in India. To the machine, people travel from all over the country to the hospital. Some of the services added recently are: organ transplants such as liver, kidney, and bone marrow transplants.

Fortis hospital

This is a high-end hospital that even has the presidential suite and deluxe rooms. The facility is popularly known for its high-quality equipment and 24-hour emergency and trauma care. It's popular for its bariatric and metabolic surgeries. Due to the breakthrough in these surgeries, it has been nicknamed the center of excellence.