Alzheimer can be a testing condition, not only for the one suffering from this condition, but also the relatives of the diseased. As the disease progresses, it requests for much more attention and care than a family member can ever offer. In such conditions, memory care assisted living facilities come in as a life saver.

Over 25 million people are known to be affected by Alzheimer disease worldwide. Initially, the symptoms of Alzheimer become noticeable when one experiences loss of short term memory, especially for recent happenings. Gradually, it develops into a failure to remember and perform even the normal activities of day to day life.

With the disease progressing, the symptoms start to worsen and manifest them in the below given forms:
• Language breakdown
• Long term memory loss
• Mood swings

In the beginning stages, it is not so much difficult to look after the patient, and usually family members can look after the affected person without facing any major challenges. However, as the diseases progresses to next level, it becomes necessary to get professional care and aid. At this stage, a lot of people find it appropriate, and in the best interest of their loved ones affected by Alzheimer, to choose memory care assisted living facilities. The advantage of the memory care assisted living facilities is that they can offer both residential benefits as well as the much needed medical care.

Such facilities offer the convenience of mitigating the diseases as well as addressing the needs of the patient with patience, compassion and understanding. There are many different memory care assisted living facilities available all around the world.

These facilities comprise a highly trained staff that is expert in dealing with patients with such condition. The environment of these facilities is also specifically designed to provide the patients dealing with memory loss issues, a safe and comfortable haven.

Essential Requirements for People suffering from Alzheimer

The memory loss issues that an Alzheimer patient sufferers from damages his / her sense of identity and shrinks his / her feelings of self-esteem. Classicly, patients suffering from Alzheimer require:

• Safe, comfortable, familiar and secure surroundings

• Individual care and attention for particular needs

• A understanding, patient, well-trained and compassionate staff

• Encouraging patients to engage in easy and simple activities, for example making breakfast, or engaging them in some sort of creative activities, like painting. Activities like these tend to boost the self-esteem and improve the feeling of efficiency in patients.

• Simple outdoor activities like gardening, walking or simple exercising.

The prerequisites of a good memory care assisted living home

• Hygiene – Cleanliness is extremely necessary, and the premises should have facility for cleaning on a daily basis; you can check this by noticing how well groomed the residents are and what kind of atmosphere prevails in the memory care assisted living facility.

• Trained staff – present round the clock – Presence of compassionate, diligent and hardworking staff is a must. To check on this, you may want to talk to relatives of the patients already living in the facility.

• Activities – The facility should also offer simple activities of day to day life, while balancing the same with enough rest hours.

• Meals – Meals offered in the facilities should not only be nutritious, healthy and wholesome, but should also have been prepared keeping the needs of patients in mind.