Opening a medical practice is a risky, yet rewarding process. The main challenges of opening a clinic in the Indian market scenario is purchasing the right equipment. Owing to the high cost, there are very few players in this field and. However, in order to run a successful medical practice, it is essential to procure the right equipment within the right price.

To understand the importance of medical equipment while setting up a medical practice, we need to understand the speciality of the clinic that we are setting up. The clinic that we are planning to setup could be an Ophthalmology clinic to address the issues related to eye. If such is the case, we may need to procure equipment that is related and relevant to Ophthalmology. Color Vision Test, Vision Testing Projector Slides, Consumables that come to mind when we think of setting up and Ophthalmology clinic.

On the other hand, if we are planning to setup a Cardiology clinic or Endocrinology or Obstetrics clinic or gynecology clinic then we not only need to employ and Sonographer who performs the ultrasound scans but we also need to procure an ultrasound machine or scanning equipment. With the help of ultrasound scanning equipment, the sonographer performs a scanning or muscle or organ visualization technique. The role of ultrasound scanning is pivotal in diagnosing various disease conditions. Not to mention, its importance in understanding the development of foetus in carrying woman. The field of Ultrasound itself is a separate study and the subject is unarguably vast.

As discussed in the beginning, setting up medical clinic along with the purchase of medical equipment is a costair. The process involved and the cost associated in procuring a MRI Scanner, its installation and hiring a radiologist proves that the process is a high cost affair. MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging technique. It is a medical imaging radiology technique that uses magnetism. The cost of an MRI scanner can be anywhere between 2 crores to 6 crores. Installation and hiring of a radiologist is excluded from the above price. However, there is no denying the fact that it is an invaluable resource for doctors to diagnose a disease or health condition. It is very difficult for doctors to understand the internal damage within the body of a patient who met with an accident. However, the job of the physician becomes much easier with an MRI scan.

There are alternate ways that are available for a physician to dodge away from the high investment that is involved in the procurement of the high cost equipment discussed above. The 2000 Siemens.2T MAGNETOM Concerto is the best example that falls under this category. It is an economic open MRI scanner providing maximum patient acceptance due to the fact that there is no tube like arrangement where the patient has to pass through and feel claustrophobic while at the same time delivering exceptional image quality. To conclude, in order to run a successful clinician, one needs to understand the speciality of the clinic that he / she is planning to setup, review the necessary speciality equipment that needs to be procured, assess the cost associated in procurement and finally find alternate equipment to mitigate the cost.