Hospice care can leave certain types of people heavy hearted at the end of the day, but there are people out there that are capable of caring for those that need it during their last days. Are you that kind of person? There will always be a need for compassionate people to make sure patients are comfortable when they are facing their own mortality. They know that their time is coming and having someone understanding to help them out will make it less stressful. Consider whether this is the job for you.

What is Hospice Care?

This type of care can be provided at home or at another location. It is an alternative to having a sick loved one in the hospital or in some sort of nursing home. Having them in a facility is usually the route people go, because they can have around-the-clock care. If a patient's family members simply can not take care of them all of the time, you would come in and take care of the patient. You would make sure that they take all of the medications on time. You would make sure that while they are in fact dying, they are still taken care of. You may even be one of the only outside people who they talk to during their last days.

Being a reliable nurse who makes them feel comfortable and safe during their last days is a huge deal. This means that they get to die with dignity and respect. If they have a painful illness, you can give them safe doses of pain medications and make it easier for them. Whether they are at home or they are in a facility, you will be able to make good money while taking care of the people who need you the most.


To be able to provide hospitality care, you will need to be trained. Becoming a nurse takes some time in nursing school. You can learn about home care by taking specialty courses. It is important to remember that experience is key. That can get a little hard when you are just starting out. So, make sure that you have the best education possible. While they may take someone with an associate degree, it is more impressive to have a bachelor's or even master's. It gives you an edge against the rest of the Applicants.

As stated before, hospice work takes a special kind of person. If you lack the compassionate nature necessary to take care of residents that are near death, you should avoid it. However, it can be such a rewarding career for most people.