Have you ever been worried about the rising cost of health insurance? I sure have. Unfortunately in this economy, my education has not exactly provided me with the job opportunity I have been dreaming about. Costs are piling fast and health insurance takes a big chunk of my paycheck each month. I had a talk with one of my father's friends recently and he stated that he was able to find a cheaper health insurance plan for him and his family by just looking online. Online? When did all the good deals appear online? Skeptical, I decided to try the search. You can imagine how surprised I was to find out that there are websites which actually guide you to the most affordable insurance plan for your needs, but also provide ratings, deductible costs, out-of-pocket limit and the most important, monthly premiums. I was simply asked about my location, which is sunny California, date of birth, gender, smoker or non-smoker as well as individual or family coverage. My search came up with 89 plans which were all cheaper than the one I was currently paying. I even found how to narrow my results to search for a particular rating, total amount of deductible and of course my most favorite, the cheapest monthly premium.

I remember a time when I was considering canceling my health insurance plan just to save a buck when I came up on an article talking about how excruciatingly large the cost of medical coverage without a plan can be. The average cost of an emergency room visit in San Francisco is $ 1,015 while the treatment cost for breaking a leg is $ 1,110. Even common prescriptions can cost more than my health insurance plan per month. These high costs definately kept me on board and I just needed to find a better suitable option for myself. I discovered that there are 3 categories of health insurance plans . The first is for Emergencies Only, the second is Basic Healthcare and the third is Ongoing Medical Conditions. The Health Net CFB 4500 was by far the cheapest plan in all three of those categories with a total premium of $ 1,140. HealthNet's plan was also rated the overall best plan for start-up people. The monthly premium is only $ 95 which is a stunning $ 60 less than what I am currently paying. Although HealthNet is the cheapest plan, I am definitely open to suggestions from family and friends on which plan they think would be best suited for me as well. Cheap is great but having such a large amount of options is making me feel great about my choice.