With news released that some Medicare numbers have been stolen Australians are naturally concerned about their privacy. With a large majority of residents born overseas and occupying high level jobs the worry is increased by not knowing with what secret agendas they may be involved. An Australian doctor is the subject of a recent video taken in Syria in which he supports the Islamic State and Isis.

The Internet and computer age has seen huge changes in how private material is collected and stored. Every doctor, and other medical professional, can easily obtain access to data bases through which such is accessible. If they desire to do us harm or sell it to others there is no way of stopping them. At least that is how it appears at the moment.

The government is racing to counteract such fears but its success is not assured and its efforts not comforting. While the Minister responsible denies to say how many numbers have been sold on the risk of identity theft, according to him, is minimal. The question is what will the criminals get from attacking the Medicare System.

The Medicare card is used as one of the 5 points of identification for such things as opening a bank account, getting a passport, or even a driver's license. It also allows holders to access medical practitioners at a significantly reduced cost or, if bulk billed, for free. On top of that they can acquire a rebate by submitting a receipt to the Organization.

In the latter case, however, the money is put into a bank account so that no one can acquire cash from that type of activity. The problem is, however, that migrants are also given Medicare cards on arrival in the country and that may hinder the security of them.

People coming from countries where crime is rife and stealing and cheating means survival it is hard for them to suddenly change their ways. A mindset of that type also leaves people open to helping others to gain access to anything that might return a divide.

While Australia has a great system and the health care of its citizens is reassured it is also something of which many nations are jealous. That is also motivation for those who want to harm this nation to strike at the heart of its many benefits.

The government and its people are now pondering what it is that criminals are targeting in a country where everything is on offer to those from the poorest to the wealthiest. Surely those who come here must see that anything that affects the country will affect them also.

We are in a dangerous time globally and terrorists and criminals are everywhere. Staying a step ahead of them is not easy. While the law enforcement will probably root out the perpetrators of this criminal gang the question is how vulnerable are the societies in the face of such problems?