How many of you have heard of a walk in clinic? Just a few, we suppose. We do not understand why since it is the best way to receive medical care these days if you do not have a personal physician. It's just that sometimes things fall through the cracks. A walk in clinic is a highly professional medical facility dedicated to taking care of any illness or injury you may have at a fraction of the cost that is usually associated with private doctors and / or hospital emergency room visits.

In the days of old one would simply dial their private physician's phone number (on those big rotary dial phones since cell phones were far from existing). The doctor would then pick up his or her bag and drive over to your home to treat you. We know !? Crazy, right? Since there is no way in the world (other than having a son / daughter or mother / father doctor in your family) that any doctor is going to drive over to your house when you feel ill, the urgent care clinic has arisen to take the place of these old time familial physicians.

There are three main reasons why someone who is sick or wounded should visit a walk in clinic instead of heading to their nearest hospital emergency room. The first would be the wait time. In a walk in clinic the doctor is dedicated to seeing you in probably less than a half an hour. Think about this time frame against the unfortunate times that you had to visit a hospital emergency room. Chances are you sat there for many hours, fiddling your sick thumbs and sighing uncontrollably. A hospital emergency room is there for one main purpose-and that purpose is EMERGENCIES. If you ever have a heart attack or are bitten by a shark while fishing this would be the place to go. For all other non life-threatening illnesses and wounds get yourself to a walk in clinic.

The second reason is the price. A doctor who opens a walk in clinic is dedicated to his oath in ways that are many times hard to explain. They are happy to make a decent living, but they do not go out of their way to wrangle every last nickel and dime out of their patients. They are happy to provide the services that they do to their communities in ways that often times transcend mere financial reasons. Chances are you will find affordable prices at your friendly neighborhood walk in clinic.

The third reason is the amount of experience that the doctors at an average walk in clinic have in treating the types of wounds and illnesses that their patients are most likely to receive. The doctors at a walk in clinic are more like the doctors of old that would perform house calls, than the types of doctors that currently work in huge bureaucratic hospital institutions, yet they are ensconced in their easy-to-reach state-of-the -art medical offices. There is something great to be said for seeing the same patients over and over again. The chances of you sticking with a good walk in clinic doctor are very high, once you get to see for yourself the type of treatment you receive and the prices that they charge.