Tosoh 600 II Immunoassay Analyzer – Ideal Laboratory Equipment Worth Investing In

Tosoh 600 II is an advanced immunoassay system featuring automated random access options to meet various lab testing requirements in present day clinical and research facilities. This innovative device can perform tests for infectious diseases, reproductive hormones, cancer markers, tumor marks, cardiac markers, reproductive hormones, anemia and other assays. Tosoh 600 II immunoassay analyzer offers flexible operation that is most convenient to lab professionals.

General Features of Tosoh 600 II

Stability and accuracy are the major characteristics of Tosoh 600 II immunoassay system. Other advantages and features that need to be stated are:

• Ensures high productivity and effective workload administration

• Involves simple operational procedures to guarantee low labor savings benefits

• Executes both STAT and routine immunoassays precisely

• Delivers precise analytical results in a short span of time

• Facilitates primary tube sampling and dual clot detection

• Availability of data for 60 results in an hour

• Automatic specimen dilution and pretreatment

• Full test menu and unit dose test cup reagent facility

• Requires counter space less than three feet only

• Accessibility of first result in 18 minutes

• Less maintenance cost

• Bidirectional interface and high resolution touch screen

• Features to monitor and repair the system automatically according to the preset modes

• Programmed reflex testing with cascade options

• Top-to-top fluorescence recognition system to ensure third generation sensitivity

• Assay methodology involves one-step and two-step sandwich and effective FEIA

Dilution and automatic repeat capacities, and refrigeration facilities to keep reagents / supplies are other advantageous features of this advanced chemistry analyzer. Tosoh 600 II designed by Tosoh Bioscience ensures quick reporting and lab efficiency. Consumables, controls and reagents are easily available to perform various research and clinical tasks. Annual maintenance contracts, after sales service and adequate warranty are available along with the instrument.

Hospital and laboratories around the world would find this chemistry lab equipment very beneficial.

How to Make a Profitable Purchase

To buy Tosoh 600 II that caters to your specific testing and investigation needs, find an established laboratory equipment supplier. Such dealers provide quality products of different brands at reasonable prices. You can collect the necessary information by searching on the internet or talking to your friends. Most recognized dealers offer convenient online shopping facility. Choose the product you want from the catalog displayed on their websites. Established lab equipment suppliers also offer other products such as coagulation analyzers, autoclaves, immunology analyzers, electrolyte analyzers, blood gas analyzers and blood collection sets. Refurbished as well as new medical equipment come with full warranties and service contracts.