Social care is the service provided by local authorities that aim to provide help and support to those people who need and require assistance in their everyday lives. Local authorities in turn use the services of social care workers to carry out these various community care jobs to help these people achieve a balance in their society.

A social care worker provides care and support to old age people and those with disability problems physically, mentally and socially. Social care workers can find themselves working in three typical environments normally a care home, a medical clinic or at a private home. Social care jobs generally involve taking care of various needs such as medicines, health and hygiene, dietary requirements, providing companionship, morale support and general assistance whenever required.

Working at care homes requires carers to work on a constant rotation basis with some shifts covering night duty. At home services normally does not involve night shifts however even apart from the general duties it requires additional work like cooking, cleaning, running errands, keeping up with appointments, taking care of pets and shopping. The job of a social carer is very demanding and requires patience and strong but but at the end of the day carers find it worthwhile to know that they have made a difference in someone else's life.

One of the most challenging jobs for a carer is a mentally disabled person. It requires additional training and teaching skills to deal and help people suffering from mental retardation or development disabilities. Apart from the usual care and assistance, it is up to the carer to bath and feed the patient and give emotional support. Mental carers act as mediators between doctors and their patients and maintain a health journal for the doctor to refer to during appointments. Notes in the health journal normally include the strength of the medication and any side effects that occurs from the medication being taken. Difficulties faced by carers with a mentally ill person is communication and misunderstanding and this is caused by lack of communication and comprehensive skills on the part of the patient.

Carers work towards providing a peaceful, happy and friendly environment for their patients and clients. They help and try to raise funds as well as involve the community to participate in charitable works that will fund the cause and make it possible for these people to achieve a better life.