An instrument designed to measure the amount if light of a specified wavelength which passes through a medium, spectrophotometers are now considered essential in medical and research facilities. There are many models available, each meant for a specific purpose. This article discusses some important applications of this important device.

Functions of the Research and Medical Lab Spectrophotometer

Many different types of medical analyzes are based on the Lambert-Beer law of absorption. In a medical lab, a spectrophotometer is used for:

  • Analysis of blood samples: It can separate different chemical components from blood or other fluids.
  • Protein separation or protein electrophoresis: the color intensities of the separated components will differ depending on the amount of protein fragments from the serum. Lambert-Beer law is used to determine the proportion of different protein components from the blood.

A biological research laboratory uses a spectrophotometer to measure the concentration of certain substances.

  • In molecular biology, the instrument is used to measure the growth of microorganisms like bacteria.
  • Spectrophotometry is used to differentiate the various pigments such as the chlorophyll content of plant cells.

Types of Lab Spectrophotometers

Lab spectrophotometers are generally classified into single beam and double beam spectrophotometers. The single beam device measures the difference in light intensities between a reference and test sample. In the double beam model, the source of light source is divided in two, one illustrating the sample and one that does not go through it. So one beam has a reference sample with known properties, and the other contains the test sample. The Absorbance is measured as a difference in intensity of light transmitted and that which is not transmitted. The spectrophotometer model used will depend upon the type of test that has to be performed.

Purchase Quality Medical Lab Equipment

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